Telematics Family

Scribe45 -- offers fleets a 45-day event history tracking module
Interfaces to J1708 diagnostic bus
Tracks all faults reported on bus with time of event
Keeps running history of events such as:
Engine start and stop events
Vehicle speed on regular interval
Vehicle location provided by GPS on regular interval
Engine speed history
Offers analog interfacing to external sensors such as:
Self-testing and module fault checking

915MHz Data Modem
Requires basestation and end-user license

External mount GPS and 915 MHz Antenna kit
Weatherproof GPS antenna housing and GPS unit
Weatherproof 915 MHz antenna
Roofmount/Mirror mounting for fleet vehicles

915MHz Basestation
For remote monitoring of Scribe45 units equipped with the data modem module
Generates data reports for all recorded activity of your fleet